"People were calling the office just to find out what Chucks performance schedule was.  They were literally coming back to the fair to see his performance."
Jan- Redwood Empire Fair, CA 
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Imagine your fair goers, coming back, time after time, paying the general admission just to see one show. It does happen.  It has happened. And it will happen for you.  If you book:

Chuck Milligan 
Professional Stage Hypnotist
15 years of Experience performing on the national college market is now available for the Fair/Festival!

Chuck Milligan provides clean wholesome, fun family entertainment for all of your fair attendees.

Chuck Milligan was the National FFA Convention Hypnotist in 1998, 1999, and 2000 entertaining over 10,00 FFA members!

Guaranteed wholesome entertainment. Chuck allows fair buyers to screen and edit any of his material at anytime (although no one ever has, the option is yours to use).

$1,000,000 liability insurance provided (additional insured certificates available)

If Chuck is not a crowd pleaser at your fair or festival, he will NOT accept payment from you for his shows.

Video and promotional pack available.